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Meri Global Export company is a part of Meri Global Group and was founded in 2008. Our company is a producer and global exporter of various types of plant products. We provide distribution of fresh and dry products from various countries and at the moment, our company is one of the largest exporters on the Eurasian continent.  Our personnel is not just a team – all of our employees have huge experience of work with export and import procedures and all our departments consist only specialists who are versed in the products which they are engaged. At the moment the main sectors of our activity are fresh fruits and vegetable export and wheat products export.  The Meri Global Group also includes Logistics company and the network of custom clearance agencies in different countries of the world – close cooperation among all our companies allows us to provide a full range of quality supply services including transportation and preparing all the necessary documentation. Large volumes of delivered products allow us to reduce the prices for end customers at all stages of distribution, our own truck fleet and constant contacts with the customs of different countries also allow us to minimize the cost of delivery and paperwork. Meri Global Export consists of several sections that chop up among themselves the whole process of distribution – more about how we work and all information about our process you can find on our Process Page!


Our Mission

Our mission is to implement the most simple supply process of quality fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesalers. Every year we conduct optimization of our work processes, our employees regularly take to participate in differences seminars and forums related to export and imports as well as undergo training to improve the skills.


We perform quality control of our products at every stage of its way. Since the control of the irrigation and quantity-quality during the growing, finishing laboratory tests and each batch test before downloading. All our products have all the required safety for health certificates and permissions for sale in Europe and Asia.

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