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Meri Global Company was created to simplify the export process of agricultural products. The company is a major fresh vegetable exporter, wholesaler, and distributor in the European & Asian markets. We offer the full range of services related to the export of fresh vegetables – from harvest, quality control, and packaging – to logistics and customs services.

Since Ancient times, the fresh vegetable was a mandatory part of the daily human diet. The hight content of various vitamins, amino-acids, and vegetable oils provide all the necessary elements for the proper functioning of the human body. Favorable for growing climate on the territory of Turkey was formed thousands of years ago. The first farmers in this territory, have appeared 7 thousand years before our era, most of them was a pastoralist, but over the years people have learned how to use a good geographical position for the production of a variety plant products. In the future, when the volume of food production is increased, there were appeared first exporters of vegetables to other countries.

In our time, the agro-industry is one of the main courses of the Turkish economy. The Large area of the country, as well as the various climate in different it parts, contributes to the cultivation of the various type of agri-products all the year long. Now, many countries with the less favorable conditions of their climate must import fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey to satisfy the needs of their own markets.

Vegetables Export

Guaranteed Quality

The quality of vegetables that we export passes the strict control by the specialist of our company. We test each unit of our products to ensure that the customers will get fresh and quality products. All vegetables that we export, are complying all required European Standards.


Our vegetables are grown without harmful additives and chemicals. We constantly provide selective chemical analysis of export products by the various harmful elements content parameters, and can, with confidence say that we are fully eco-friendly fresh vegetable exporter.

Our advantages

Verifed Providers

We work with providers that prove their reliability over the years and have all necessary quality certificates for cultivated products. Our Company has all-time access to the fields and greenhouses of our partners and we regularly check the growing and harvesting processes.

Own logistic departament

Own logistics department and the vehicle fleet allows us to carry out the independent and fast supply of fresh vegetables to our customers. Our fleet counts more than 30 new trucks equipped for the transportation of goods that require special storage condition.]

Quick document service

We are fresh vegetable exporters with more than 15 years, our experience of work with a variety permit documents, as well as own custom clearance companies network – enable us to reduce the time of documents registration to minimum terms.
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