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Fresh Vegetables Price List For Export. 18th Week Of 2018.

Fresh Vegetables Price List for Export. 18th week of 2018.

Here is the updated price list for fresh vegetables for export for the 18th week (30.04-06.05) of 2018. Prices include the cost of packaging, loading into a vehicle or shipping container, processing of export documentation.

Fresh Vegetables 18th week of 2018.

Fresh Tomato  0.8$/kg
Coctail Tomato  0.9$/kg
Oval Tomato 0.95$/kg
Kapia Pepper 0.95$/kg
Dolma Pepper 0.80$/kg
Chilly Pepper (Red)  1.4$/kg
Chilly Pepper (Green) 0.83$/kg
California Pepper (Yellow) 1.4$/kg
California Pepper (Red) 1.4$/kg
Eggplant 0.6$/kg
Cucumber(Prickly) 0.75$/kg
Onion 0.3$/kg

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